Aston Martin Technology

Aston Martin DB11 Aeroblade™

Some believe necessity is the mother of invention. This certainly could be considered the case with Aston Martin creating the Aeroblade™ system during development of the DB11. Essentially, the issue was to maintain the necessary downforce required without compromise to the aesthetics and design. The simplest solution would be to place a large spoiler on the boot, but Aston Martin designers and engineers wanted the DB11 to retain its spectacular design. Hence, spawned the Aeroblade™.

In its simplest explanation, the DB11 Aeroblade uses a small vent on the boot lid. Air is sucked in from the vents in the B-pillar and forced out of the aeroblade. This creates a virtual wing and helps generate downforce. Furthermore, a small flap in the wing can be deployed to further reduce downwash.

For those keen to better understand this concept, please see the attached video released by Aston Martin: