Continental GT Convertible

Continental GT Convertible

Continental GT Convertible

The convertible version of the Continental GT, the Continental GTC, was first presented in September 2005, and was introduced to several world markets in the autumn of 2006. The current range of convertible Continentals includes: the Continental Supersports Convertible, the Continental GT Speed Convertible, the Continental GT Convertible, the Continental GT V8 S Convertible and the Continental GT V8 Convertible.

Continental GT Convertible  Interiors

Continental GT Convertible Interiors

The interior features carefully selected leather hides and smooth metal surfaces that deliver a seductive blend of luxury and steely modernity. All Bentley wood veneers are cured for 72 hours and treated with five layers of clear lacquer by hand, to achieve a very luxurious finish. Naturally, Bentley also offers its customised Mulliner options that enables you to personalise your very own bespoke model.

Continental GT Convertible   Engine

Continental GT Convertible Engine

The convertible can be powered by your choice from a range of V8 or W12 engines. These employ variable displacement technology that enables half of the cylinders to switch off at gentle throttle openings for improved efficiency. The car also features permanent all-wheel drive. This gives the Continental GT Convertible reassuring traction in all conditions.

The 8" touch screen in the centre console provides easy access to navigation maps, trip data, comfort controls and entertainment system at all times. A 30 GB hard drive provides quick access to mapping data and the option of landscape imagery, alongside live traffic data and online access for point-of-interest searches.

An optional Wi-Fi hotspot supports the use of digital devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. All it requires for operation is a SIM card; this can be the card you normally use in your phone or a separate card supplied by your mobile network.

Continental GT Convertible 4
For those of your audiophiles seeking superior sound quality, consider the Naim for Bentley premium sound system option. It features 11 Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers and a 1,100 watt amplifier. No larger than a conventional 420 watt unit, its design involved an acoustic analysis that considered every possible factor – right down to the way the car’s body panels behave in motion.

It even features a DSP ‘brain’ that can re-time the sound, ensuring that the bass from the boot-mounted subwoofer reaches the listener’s ears at the same time as the treble from the front dashboard-mounted tweeters.

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