BMW Mobile Studios to go across 50 Indian cities

BMW Mobile Studios to go across 50 Indian cities

  • Includes a 2-car display, reception area, a VIP lounge and BMW’s lifestyle collection
  • The BMW 3-series Gran Turismo and BMW X1 will be on display
  • Test drives of additional model series while touring across 50 cities in India

In the interest of expanding their reach, BMW has recently launched a unique mobile studio which will travel across the country to 50 Indian cities. This state-of-the art mobile structure features a two car display, reception area, BMW lifestyle collection and a VIP lounge.

Customers will get an opportunity to experience the brand first hand through interactions with sales experts while also being provided test drives for the model range. Customers can even look at finance options and book a BMW of their choice at the mobile studio. Included in this range will be the the all-new BMW 5 Series, BMW 3 Series, the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo, the BMW X1, the BMW X3 and the BMW X5.

The tour begins in Agra, between August 5th and 6th and will proceed to 50 other cities across the country. To know more about when the mobile studio maybe at a city near you, please contact your nearest BMW dealer.

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