Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T and GTC4 Lusso launched in India

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T and GTC4 Lusso launched in India

  • Successor to Ferrari’s first four seater grand tourer - the FF
  • The GTC4 Lusso T is the first four seater to be powered by a twin turbo V8 engine
  • The GTC4 Lusso can do 0-100 in 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 335 kph

Ferrari has just launched its latest grand tourer, the GTC4 lusso in India. Available in two trims, the GTC4 Lusso T is powered by a turbocharged V8 engine and the GTC4 Lusso by a naturally aspirated V12.

While the overall dimensions remain unchanged, updates reflect aerodynamic improvements such as more aggressive rear fenders, mildly reworked sides, a new rear diffuser, a roof-mounted spoiler and a new front grille.

The GTC4 Lusso is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.3-litre V-12 that churns out 689 hp and 697 Nm of torque mated to 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. This translates to a mighty 0-100 kph time of 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 335 kph. The GTC4 Lusso uses an improved version (dubbed 4RM Evo) of Ferrari's patented four-wheel drive system introduced on the FF, integrated with four-wheel steering.

The GTC4 Lusso T uses the ‘International Engine of the Year-2016’ present in the 488 GTB. A 3.9-litre twin turbocharged V-8 engine that pushes 601 hp and 760 Nm of peak torque. Although smaller in displacement, the Lusso T is no slouch, with virtually no lag via the turbos propelling the shooting brake design from 0-100 kph only 0.2 seconds slower than its V12 sibling. The GTC4 Lusso T uses four-wheel steering as well for improved handling through corners.

Introducing a dual cockpit design, the GTC4 Lusso separates the driver cockpit and passenger cockpit by a central divider. It also incorporates the latest iteration of the infotainment system complete with a 10.25” HD capacitive touchscreen.

Priced at INR 4.2 Crore for the GTC4 Lusso T and INR 5.2 Crore for the GTC4 Lusso V12, the best of performance and comfort can be achieved while taking your family in this benchmark setting grand tourer.

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