812 Superfast

812 Superfast

The 812 Superfast is a front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive grand tourer as the successor to the F12berlinetta. A combination of complicated aerodynamics technology is used to complement the 812 Superfast's chassis control system. It includes a mix of active and passive aerodynamics to improve drag coefficient values over the F12berlinetta. The front of the car is designed to increase downforce and includes intakes for front brake cooling, as well as ducts to increase underbody air flow. The bonnet of the car also features channels to move air through to the side of the car for additional downforce. The rear diffuser of the 812 Superfast has active flaps that can open up at high speeds to further reduce drag.

The car has an enlarged 6.5L version of the V12 compared to the 6.3-litre engine used in the F12 berlinetta. The engine produces 789 bhp and 718 N⋅m of torque. The 812 Superfast's engine is, as of 2018, the most powerful naturally aspirated production car engine ever made.

The transmission for the 812 Superfast is a dual-clutch 7-speed F1 automated manual gearbox manufactured for Ferrari by Getrag, based on the gearbox used in the Ferrari 458. Ferrari claims that the 812 Superfast has a top speed of 340 km/h with a 0–100 km/h acceleration time of 2.9 seconds.

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