Hows science helped Lexus creates its Structural Blue colour – absolutely incredible!

  • Lexus develops new vehicle paint technology to create an exclusive, shimmering new shade, Structural Blue
  • New colour introduced exclusively on the LC Structural Blue Edition
  • The pigment is used to produce a new paint in a production process taking 8 months, including 12 production steps and 20 quality inspections

It began with unusual inspiration: the keen observation of the morpho butterfly. Like the oceans and the sky, its wings appear blue, but closer inspection reveals that they actually have no color of their own. The effect is the result of microscopic details that scatter light and show only the color wavelengths of the iridescent blue we perceive in their vibrant wings.

For Lexus, this science inspired the creation of Structural Blue.

By carefully re-creating the layers of nanostructures that produce this effect, the miniscule flakes and patterns could be crafted to produce a first-of-its-kind paint that controls brightness and color purity to emit a new shade of blue. Most paints reflect 50% of incoming light, but this daring approach enabled Structural Blue to reflect nearly 100%, making it more vibrant and dynamic than any other blue in the world. The advanced technology that creates this effect is the culmination of over 15 years of research and development work by a close collaboration of scientists, engineers, designers and paint experts.

Offered only in strictly limited numbers, these cars will be the choice of connoisseurs who recognise and value both the application of advanced technologies and the highest standards of Lexus’ Takumi craftsmanship.

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