WATCH: This Maybach Coupe makeover for that zen sensation

WATCH: This Maybach Coupe makeover for that zen sensation

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Maybach. A name that conjures images of opulence, luxury and rarity. A step above even the range topping Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Maybach was the epitome of luxury and customisation taking on the likes of Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Unfortunately though the brand has been through ups and downs and was eventually discontinued by Mercedes-Benz for a brief period. It is now remembered by the S-Class Maybach whereby the flagship sedan is further elevated in terms of customization and luxury preferences.

Taking a look back, Maybach was typically available in 57 and 62 guises referring to the 5.7m and 6.2m respective lengths of the models. What many don’t know is that Maybach did in fact decide to take on the coupe form. Resulting in a very sleek and stylish Maybach 57 coupe grand tourer.

Rumours are that 100 were scheduled for production, however, only 6 coupes were actually made. Essentially designed like the 57 sedan, the 57 coupe looks sleeker still with a sharp coupe like swooping roof-line tapering elegantly to its rear.

One such example was given to Topaz Detailing for a transformation. Implementing a Rolls-Royce Diamond Black shade, not only is the colour changed by the team at Topaz, but cleaning up the interior and making the car seem younger still. We compliment the attention to detail shared in this video as it gives us a sense of zen like satisfaction once completed.

Tell us what you think after watching the video below of Maybach Coupe makeover for that zen sensation :

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