BMW celebrates JoyFest at Hyderabad

BMW celebrates JoyFest at Hyderabad

BMW India hosted its JoyFest experiential event at the Chicane circuit at Leonia Resorts in Hyderabad this past weekend. Luxury Motor Press was amongst the invitees to experience the maneuverability and handling of the latest BMW models on the go-kart track with strategically placed pile-ons.

The morning began with guests being greeted by the all-new 3-Series sedan and all-new flagship 7-Series. The new design language and features of the 330i M Sport certainly showcased class leading elements. The 330i M Sport on display uses a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged unit that delivers 258PS and 400Nm of torque. The 7-Series is available in a variety of configurations including an all new plug-in hybrid variant. Its all new design showcases an immense kidney grille and and extremely technologically and comfort oriented interiors. This is best experienced when seated in the rear passenger seat with access to an infotainment touch screen in the armrest as well as an infotainment screen for viewing media placed behind the driver seat.

Across the hall was a specially marked zone for the M2 Competition Coupe. Like any true M performance car, the M2 is powered by a 3.0 litre twin turbo in-line 6 cylinder engine producing 405 hp and 406 lb.ft of torque.

The first floor of the venue presented guests with a recreational space. Refreshments, a children’s play area and a balcony overlooking the track would keep guests entertained and busy during the course of the driving session.

Post a brief introduction to the basics of seating position, the need for safety and instructions on how to drive the cars, we began our test drive. Mind you, one key element to note of the Chicane circuit was it being a go-kart meant not too wide and not much run-off area.

Two groups were created; one to experience the SUV’s and the other to drive their sedans.

I was initially part of the SUV group and this session involved an emergency lane change maneuver. The weapon of choice was the all new BMW X5, with others getting in an assorted selection of the BMW ‘X’ range. After an introductory lap with the instructor, we were made to practice a pass at 55 km/h, 65 km/h and eventually 75 km/h respectively avoiding cones as we shifted lane. With each pass, my experience and comfort with the X5 grew and I was able to experience the SUV’s dynamic stability control and anti-lock braking system as I jammed on the brakes at 75 km/h and felt the force feedback. Credit to Nash (our instructor) who was providing excellent feedback on ways to improve with each driver at each varying speed in terms of throttle, steering and brake input.

Upon completing the exercise, we were asked to transition to the sedans. While I did see the new 3-Series on the track, the only vehicle available for us to experience a lap time with was the 6-Series GT. This was a fair bit floaty through the corners for the tight circuit prepared by the instructors, however there was still plenty to be learnt. Things like braking at the right point before entering a corner was crucial to setting a good lap time and if we heard screeching from the tires to realise we were going in too quickly and actually losing time in the process.

The most entertaining part was at the end of our drives when we were taken for a taxi ride for a lap in an M2 Competition driven by the instructors. There was some serious tire burn as they skillfully drifted the car through the corners right and showcased the sheer performance characteristics of the M2 Competition. Thus, leaving ear to ear grins for the us passengers.

Once we completed the exercise, the morning was complete and we were free to spend time at the gaming zone as well as visit their accessories store to purchase BMW merchandise. A glorious day was had by the team and we highly recommend registering for the experience for fellow BMW enthusiasts to learn more about the range of BMW cars as well as a bit of driving skill, all while enjoying a good time.

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