Lexus unveils its flagship LS 500h Nishijin Sedan; INR 2.2 Cr

Lexus unveils its flagship LS 500h Nishijin Sedan; INR 2.2 Cr

Lexus luxury Nishijin Sedan Cars

Japanese luxury carmaker Lexus has earned a reputation for their fanatical attention to detail combined with reliability. Its current line-up in India includes Hybrids for the most part; another differentiator from the existing luxury car brands in the country.

While these are positives for the brand, they haven’t quite gotten the level of sales that their German competitors garner. Perhaps it is partly down to awareness and partly down to pricing.

For 2021, Lexus adds to its LS500h Sedan Series with a range topping special Nishijin edition. Updates seem minor that include an updated front bumper design, exterior colour and interior ambience. What makes it really special is its Gin-ei Luster paintwork.

It is a silver that changes its shade with the mildest of changes in ambient light and uses state of the art paint technology which leaves a smooth, mirror-like finish. On the inside, the Nishijin variant gets ‘Nishijin and Haku’ interiors, said to resemble the ocean on a full moon day.

There are silver threads which play the role of ‘shimmering waves’ while the Haku — a platinum metal foil — represents the ‘moonlight shining on waves’.

Lexus LS500h Nishijin Cars

2021 Lexus LS500h Nishijin Edition; INR 2.2 Crore onwards

Using a 3.5 litre V6 hybrid motor, this flagship sedan produces a combined output of 354 hp and 350 Nm of torque. Power is transferred via a 10-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels.

Luxury Motor Press thinks:

This car seems to be for the true fans of the Lexus brand. Those that appreciate the finer details that are offered and appreciate the subtlety in changes of this special edition in comparison to the current LS range.

Will it break the sales charts? Unlikely at this price point. Will it give the Germans competition? Unlikely again, given the 7-Series, S-Class and A8L are well established flagship sedans at the moment.

However, it does make a strong case for itself and is a great option for those of you seeking to be driven in something unique and rare.

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