Maserati QuattroPorte GranLusso ‘One of One’ is truly bespoke

Maserati QuattroPorte GranLusso ‘One of One’ is truly bespoke

Maserati QuattroPorte GranLusso ‘One of One’ is truly bespoke

Previewing Maserati’s future customization programme is the Quattroporte GranLusso ONE OF ONE, displayed at the Shanghai Motor Show. The unique, fully customized Maserati Quattroporte GranLusso was designed for and with the owner, Chief Editor of T-Magazine China, Xuan Feng.

The Maserati Centro Stile guided Mr. Feng through the process of configuring his car, carrying out a collaborative customization operation which enabled the customer to actively participate in the creative process: not only did the customer select the accessories and the configuration, but he was fully involved in the personalization of his own car.

This was an exclusive project in which Xuan Feng told the Maserati Centro Stile his own personal story, including his passions and goals in life, translating his personal history and passions into his unique Maserati.

This new level of customization truly connects Xuan Feng’s personality and lifestyle.

The Quattroporte GranLusso ONE OF ONE features an exterior colour specially created for the customer. Xuan Feng’s choice: a light blue with opaque trim, evoking worn denim material, perfectly capturing his personality and lifestyle.

Maserati QuattroPorte GranLusso ‘One of One’ is truly bespoke

The interior: distinguished by a combination of traditional black and the new “Bianco Ghiaccio” colour: the lower dashboard, the door panels and seats feature this two-tone scheme in order to imbue the cabin with a rich and contemporary feel.

The upholstery of the seats features vertical stitching inspired by the classic pinstripe pattern of men’s fabrics. Thanks to the special dying process that takes place in oak casks, a technique that allows enough time for the pigments to be naturally absorbed by the leather, the fine Pieno Fiore leather, takes on an elegant, deep and luminous colour. The leather is soft and supple, with a light and deliberately irregular texture, imbuing it with structure and character. The stitching for the door panels and upper dashboard repeat the denim light blue tone of the exterior.

The central console, the dashboard fascia and door panels of the Quattroporte GranLusso ONE OF ONE for Xuan Feng are made from 100% natural burl wood, characterized by a denim light blue colour, recalling the exterior and creating a sophisticated impression. This particular burl was used for the very first time on a car.

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