Top 6 Car Maintenance Tips during COVID-19

Top 6 Car Maintenance Tips during COVID-19

We hope the initial phase of work from home and stay at home for you is going well and that you are getting adjusted to the “new” routines of life. We tend to take things for granted during our regular working days, including the functioning of our cars and motorcycles. However, just like our bodies need functioning and some mobility to stay fit, our vehicles need a little care and looking after as well. Particularly, given their current sedentary lifestyle. In light of this, we have listed a set of common preventative maintenance guidelines to help keep your vehicles in good running condition during the course of these trying times. Implementing these tips can help with the general safety and reliability of your vehicles.

6 Car Maintenance Tips

Battery maintenance is critical during extended stationary periods


Not using a battery typically causes discharge and this could mean needing to jump start your car after a period of time. Ideally, give your car a quick start every 5-7 days for a minute or two allowing the battery to charge. Alternatively, in the event the car will not be used for an extended period of time, simply disconnect the battery.

6 Car Maintenance Tips

Weatherproof car covers help protect your vehicle from the elements


In the event your car is parked outside for a long time, exposure to the elements can affect the appearance of the car. Contaminants include excessive dust, bird dropping, debris from trees, etc... We suggest finding a spot of shade/covering. Should this be a problem, then a weatherproof car/motorcycle cover helps for general protection.

6 Car Maintenance Tips

Keeping your interiors clean helps prevent unwanted odour and germs to collect in the cabin


A lot of underlying germs can generate unknowingly from within the cabin. Dust, food particles and general junk left can cause odour issues and potentially be harmful. Take this downtime to clean the inside of your car thoroughly (you may find interesting bits you thought you lost as well!). Additionally, significant dust accumulates within the air-conditioning piping and vents. We suggest starting the car and running the air-conditioner while lowering the windows to allow appropriate air circulation and prevent any unpleasant odour shocks when you eventually do sit in the car.

6 Car Maintenance Tips

Brakes tend to bind if unused for a long period of time, affecting safety and performance


If the parking brake/handbrake is left on for an extended period of time, this can cause binding in the brakes. A couple of weeks should be okay but anything longer and it could cause some issues. For a manual transmission - leave the car in gear, preferably on a levelled floor and have the handbrake released. For an automatic transmission, seek a way to disengage the parking brake, keeping safety in mind by ensuring the car does not move or is on a steep incline.


In the event cars are kept in one place for a longer time period, it can be expected that pests try and make it their new (cosy) home. Ensure to open the hood and inspect the engine bay every week for any signs of chewed cables/nests/droppings that might indicate a new resident. Additionally, inspect inside the wheel wells too as this is a suitable “home” for them too.

6 Car Maintenance Tips

Tires are the only contact point to the ground. For your safety, maintain your vehicle tire pressure.


The significant weight of a vehicle on the small surface of a car’s tires causes the tires to experience something called a “flat spot” by being stationary. This presents uneven wear and tear on the tires. Additionally, the air in a tire loses its pressure gradually when sitting idle. Ideally, you should have a tool to measure tire pressure (the recommended pressure specification is usually indicated in the door sill or the owners’ manual) and ensure the vehicle is matching the required specification. Alternatively, moving the car small distances helps maintain the required pressure.

One of the simplest suggestions (if you live in a gated colony) is to take your vehicle for a short distance or a lap around the colony. This ensures the battery remains charged, tire pressure is maintained, and the general well-being of your car is looked after. For those that can, within their driveway space/parking lot try and have the car move as much as possible.

At Luxury Motor Press, we ask that you stay safe and indoors during these challenging times. In the interim, we will continue to bring you the latest information from the world of luxury cars and motorcycles.

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