Range Rover, Range Rover Sport And Discovery Get New Connectivity Features

Range Rover, Range Rover Sport And Discovery Get New Connectivity Features

Range Rover

Jaguar Land Rover India has introduced new connectivity features across the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Discovery SUVs in its line-up. The new connectivity features called Protect, Remote Premium and Secure Tracker are listed under the InControl Package by the company, and bring systems like secure tracker, optimised assistance, SOS emergency call function to the luxury SUVs.

The Protect feature comes with Optimised Assistance button on the left side of the overhead console. The button, when pressed will allow the user to request for immediate assistance in the event of a breakdown. A helpline operator connects with the vehicle user and will guide the breakdown service unit to the vehicle. Customers can also ask for assistance via the InControl Remote Smartphone App.

In case of an accident, the SOS Emergency Call function will automatically connect the user to the emergency response team, which in turn, will notify the emergency services of the vehicle's location. A button on the right hand side of the overhead console also triggers the SOS function manually.

The Remote Premium feature is a smart feature that allows users to interact with the vehicle via a smartphone app. Users can adjust the vehicle heating and cooling to the desired temperature before entering the car, and can also remotely lock or unlock the vehicle. In case of the car's alarm going off, the user will receive an alert, while you can also find your car in a parking area with the remote beep and flash function. The app also allows you to fold the seats as well, remotely.

The Secure Tracker feature triggers a theft notification to the Stolen Vehicle Tracking Centre in case of a vehicle theft attempt and also the user of the car. The feature can also pinpoint the exact location of the car if needed by the law enforcement agency.

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